Visiting Scholars

Josh Pilzer introduces colloquium guest speaker Marié Abe, October 2019

The Faculty of Music has invited scholars in ethnomusicology and cognate fields through its visitorships (Wilma and Clifford Smith Visitor in Music; Kenneth Peacock Lecturer) and its graduate colloquium series. In the past we have hosted Bruno Nettl (U. Illinois), Kay Kaufman Shelemay (Harvard), Philip Bohlman (Chicago), Deborah Wong (UC Riverside), John Baily (Goldsmith’s, University of London), Kofi Agawu (Princeton), Gary Tomlinson (Yale), Michael Tenzer (UBC), and many more.

More recent visitors to our colloquia have included Jane Sugarman (CUNY Graduate Center), Aaron Fox (Columbia University), Suzanne Cusick (NYU), David Novak (UC Santa Barbara), George Lewis (Columbia University), Tyler Bickford (University of Pittsburgh), and Christina Sunardi (University of Washington). Recent visitors to our roundtables have included Tala Jarjour (Yale University), Andrew Jones (UC Berkeley), and Maria Sonyvetsky (UC Berkeley).

This year (2019-2020) we have visits from ethnomusicologists Evan Rapport (The New School), Marié Abe (Boston U), and Ana Maria Ochoa (Columbia) as part of our Graduate Colloquium series.