Colloquia & Roundtables

Owen Coggins speaks to the U of T Ethnomusicology Roundtable about his research on mysticism in drone metal, Fall 2014.

Graduate Colloquium Series

Our premier academic forum for scholarly presentations by national and international guests in the fields of Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Music Theory, followed by a wine reception. Recent visitors include Jane Sugarman (CUNY Graduate Center), Aaron Fox (Columbia University), Suzanne Cusick (NYU), George Lewis (Columbia University), Tyler Bickford (University of Pittsburgh), and Christina Sunardi (University of Washington), among others.

FALL 2022

  • September 29: Veit Erlmann (University of Texas, Austin)
  • October 13: Annegret Fauser (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), 2021–22 Kenneth H. Peacock Lecture
  • October 20: Trevor de Clercq (Middle Tennessee State University)*
  • October 27: Jessica Schwartz (University of California, Los Angeles)*
  • November 24: Daniel Jordan (University of Toronto)*
  • November 28, time TBD: Christopher Silver (McGill University), talk co-sponsored with the Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies*

 WINTER 2023

  • January 19: Anton Vishio (University of Toronto) 
  • January 26: Roseen Giles (Duke University)
  • February 9: Anne Hyland (University of Manchester)
  • March 9: William Robin (University of Maryland) 
  • March 16: Jane Forner (University of Toronto)
  • March 30: Kofi Agawu (City University of New York, Graduate Center), 2022–23 Kenneth H. Peacock Lecture*

    Events marked by an asterisk are ethnomusicology or ethnomusicology-adjacent.

Ethnomusicology Roundtable

This series provides an opportunity to discuss theoretical and practical issues outside of class, provide workshop student writing, and invite guests outside the program to present ideas in an informal and relaxed setting. One session a year is devoted to practice presentations for the annual conference of the Society of Ethnomusicology. After our discussions, we almost always move to strengthen our bonds of kinship somewhere off campus with food and drink! Recent visitors include Marié Abe (Boston University), Tala Jarjour (Yale University), Andrew Jones (UC Berkeley), and Maria Sonyvetsky (UC Berkeley), among others. If you would like to be added to the Ethnomusicology Roundtable email list, please write to Prof. Joshua Pilzer.